Dear Meg

Dear Meg | Practicing self-care

Self-care must be about building communities. It entails understanding what gives us peace and joy, but very few people pursue these things in solitude. By and large, humans find happiness in shared interests, shared moments, and shared triumphs.

Dear Meg | Worried for son

Teenage years are a time for self-discovery, where we deal with questions of identity: who we are, what we want to be, what our passions are, etc. It is unfortunate that teens now deal with this during this pandemic.

Dear Meg | Feeling ‘utterly hopeless’

Dear Meg, How do we keep going when the situation looks so utterly hopeless? G Dear G, Let me begin by saying I hear you. It’s absolutely acceptable to feel scared and frustrated, in a world marked by pervasive inequality, a world that desperately needs change. Would it help to share a bit of what […]