Blatant Censorship: House of Representatives blacklists media officers, campus journalists and activists

May 30, 2015

Altermidya expresses grave concern over the House of Representatives’ (HOR) blacklisting of at least 50 individuals including sectoral leaders and activists, a journalism professor, campus journalists, and media liaison officers of national student organizations, among others. A memo dated March 18, 2015 with the subject “Blacklisted/Banned Persons to the House of Representatives” issued by the […]

Altermidya Pooled Editorial| Organize! Organize!

May 1, 2015

Altermidya, the national network of alternative media organizations and practitioners, stands in solidarity with our colleagues in the GMA-7 regional stations who have recently been laid off. The mass retrenchment of reporters, desk editors, cameramen and other media workers by a giant media company such as GMA-7 once again demonstrates how big business regards the […]

Altermidya Statement | Contractualization in the media: An injustice to journalists, a travesty of public service

January 10, 2015

Altermidya or the People’s Alternative Media Network was formed to amplify the voice of the oppressed majority who, because of the corporate nature of dominant media networks, are not provided with ample space to present their issues and struggles, as well as their perspectives on pressing national issues being published by these media conglomerates. Our […]