Dear Meg

Dear Meg

Meg holds a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Psychology from the University of the Philippines. She loves music, visual arts, literature, and psychology, and is passionate about endeavors where these are used to improve the plight of the marginalized.

Overthinking, trauma and anxiety

You deserve a partnership that is equal and open and honest and supportive, one that honors both your strengths and your weaknesses, your courage but also your scars.

What can we do when comrades feel down?

I wouldn’t say there had not been instances when I felt this will was not strong enough. But I’m saying that at many important moments and sometimes in the most unexpected situations, people do rise to the occasion.

Dear Meg, how do I progress?

Is there ever a way of pushing aside this capitalist mindset of comparing to others? Can academics be a vessel for change and a causative form of activism?

A letter to a young activist

May dahilan kung bakit kilusang mapagpalaya ang tawag sa atin. Hangad natin ang pagpapalaya ng bayan at ng uri, na isang matagal, malalim, at masalimuot na gawain.

How do I prepare my boyfriend for a married life with an activist?

I’m planning to ask my boyfriend to marry me. He's been my rock throughout all the years we've been together. But I know doing what I do—community organizing and political work—will put us at risk of attacks by state forces and by those who wish to oppress the communities I serve. I know this because I’ve already experienced it myself. I'm afraid that I'll be dragging my boyfriend into that if we spend our lives together. He's not an activist but he knows and understands the work that I do. How do I prepare him for it?