Hiyasmin Quijano

After the protest: Fil-Ams who dared to question Aquino

Filipino-Americans took the lead in speaking up on human rights violations in the Philippines during Pres. Benigno Aquino III’s speech in a World Leaders Forum at New York’s Columbia University last September 23. Aquino was answering a question regarding extrajudicial killings in the Philippines when Joelle Lingat, a Fil-Am and member of Anakbayan New Jersey, […]

Undocumented workers in US seek protection to help families recover from Haiyan

Jersey City, New Jersey– The Filipino-American youth community urged US State Secretary John Kerry to grant undocumented Filipino workers in the US a Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to prevent them from being deported at a time when their families are still recovering from the effects of typhoon Haiyan. In a letter to Kerry dated February […]

Fil-Ams identify with working-class Bonifacio

Los Angeles, CA – “I got that heart of Bonifacio.” That is the opening line of “Lookin’ Up”, a song by Prometheus Brown and Bambu, a beatrock duo gaining popularity among Filipino-Americans. The music video of the song has almost 150,000 views on Youtube. “I’m from a place where the system’s still feudal, the masses still […]

Fil-Ams protest in front of Napoles’ property, ask Pnoy to divest own pork barrel

In solidarity with the Million People March against pork barrel in Manila, Southern California Filipino-Americans held protests in front of Janet Napoles’ property at the Ritz-Carlton and at the Philippine Consulate in downtown Los Angeles. “Today, we’re seeing Filipinos around the world unite against corruption. We feel that healthcare, education, and other social services, such as the […]

Thomas van Beersum: A familiar face to Filipino migrant community

Dutch national Thomas van Beersum’s most recent post on Facebook is a photo-op (photo opportunity) in which his friends and supporters, including Filipinos, hold up a piece of paper printed with a “Like” icon and the words “Support international solidarity for justice, peace, and human rights in the Philippines.” Beersum is back in The Netherlands, […]

Fil-Am activists protest Zimmerman verdict

Los Angeles, CA — Filipino American activists joined nationwide protests when neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman was cleared of all charges in the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Martin, a black teenager, unarmed and walking to a store, was fatally shot by Zimmerman. The 17 year-old was shot while walking through the gated townhouse community where […]

Church leaders from US in Southern Mindanao for advocacy mission

Los Angeles, CA – Alarmed by the increasing human rights and environmental violations in the Philippines, a delegate of church leaders and activists is holding a pastoral, advocacy and medical mission focused on indigenous peoples in Southern Mindanao. August 9 marks the 18th year of the United Nation’s Declaration of the World Indigenous Peoples’ Day. […]

Filipino activists say no to new US trade agreement

San Diego, California—Last July 2 to 10, activists from Southern California and various countries such as New Zealand and Canada organized a week of protests against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), a new US-led trade agreement aimed to seize markets in the Asia-Pacific region. The 13th round of TPPA talks, held at the Hilton Bay […]

‘Good governance means US puppetry’: Fil-Ams unimpressed with Aquino speech in LA

Los Angeles, CA – Last June 8, Pres. Benigno S. Aquino III met with the Filipino-American community during a reception at the Hilton, LAX, speaking briefly on the topics he discussed with US Pres. Barack Obama and boasting about the government’s anti-corruption drive. However, Fil-Am groups protesting Aquino’s visit to the United States lambasted the […]